Freebie – MSP Nifty Gifty. 10 days of freebies, eg. Amazon $5 gift card, Dato drive sub, IT Glue seat,

Found this on Reddit. 10 days of freebies for MSP's.
Sign up before midnight 25/12/2017 (US time) to get all of them sent to you in an email on the 23rd.

The competition is only for US residents only, but the Freebies have been coming in for me.

It does ask for a 'business email' so I'm not sure if they check for Gmail/hotmail/etc accounts as I just used my work email.

.* Dammit, just noticed that the day 7 IT Glue seat requires you to purchase 5 seats. That was the one I was looking forward to too.

List of Freebies.

Day 1 Giveaway:
How to Be a Productivity Ninja [PDF]

Day 2 Giveaway:
1 Lifetime Subscription to Datto Drive

Day 3 Giveaway:
3-Year Subscription to CRN Magazine

Day 4 Giveaway:
25 One-Year Bracket Licenses

Day 5 Giveaway:
$5 Amazon Gift Card

Day 6 Giveaway:
Make a Difference [PDF]

Day 7 Giveaway:
1 Lifetime IT Glue Enterprise Seat*

Day 8 Giveaway:
MSP Sales Training Package [PDF]

Day 9 Giveaway:
6-Pack of Desktop Wallpapers

Day 10 Giveaway:
5 Internal Use Licenses for Autotask Workplace OR Autotask Endpoint Backup

Description from site:

It’s the MSP Nifty Gifty!
10 days, 10 gifts,

Auvik Nifty Gifty 2017
Hey MSPs, wouldn’t it be nice to round out the year with some neat-o swag? We thought so too! That’s why a bunch of us in the channel got together to bring you some nifty gifts.

Join the MSP Nifty Gifty, then sit back and chill. You’ll receive 10 days of free stuff.

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source: ozbargain

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